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Canada, a wellspring of natural beauty, tranquility and hospitality. A fusion of French, British and immigrant influences, modern Canada is both a bilingual and multicultural society. The landscapes here are as diverse as the people—from the craggy shores and picturesque isles of the East Coast to the azure mountain lakes of the Canadian Rockies and the cosmopolitan cities of Toronto and Victoria. And with Cosmos, you're sure to find an escorted tour that will take you further away than you thought possible. Captivating Cities Canada offers its travellers an extraordinary travel experience. Montreal and Quebec, vibrant and urban cities that offer a unique french flavor. Toronto and Victoria, the two amazing cities with a cosmopolitan buzz. Explore museums, galleries, enjoy world-class cuisine and 'nature' it's more than just a backdrop in these cities. Diverse Landscapes Canada offers diverse landscapes, from the craggy shores and picturesque isles of the East Cost to the azure mountain lakes of the Canadian Rockies and the natural wonders like the Niagara Falls. Put on your hat for the Calgary Stampede and move to the tunes of the various Music Festivals. Or just choose to sail along the world's longest coastline. Authentic Experience There's no better way to get immersed in a place than to get a feel of local cuisine. Discover Ontario's ice wines or taste craft beer at microbrewery in Saskatchewan. Try world-renowned Asian fusion restaurants in Vancouver and connect with the locals.

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