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CosmosGo Travel App

What, When, Where, Why and Wow!

While Cosmos® is devoted to showing our guests the wonders of the world at an incredible value, our complimentary Apple and Android CosmosGO app was designed to put a world of invaluable pre- and on-trip information at their fingertips.

30 days prior to departure – and for the duration of their vacation – guests can log in to check flight, hotel and transfer information, review their itinerary, and customize your trip with a host of entertainment, sightseeing, dining and shopping suggestions. Bistros, bars, bookstores, bakeries – they’re all in there! Best of all, when they’re enjoying the ample free time on their Cosmos vacation, they can safely wander without Wi-Fi and discover without draining data, as built-in GPS navigation works offline for on-trip ease.

Created to help our guests make the most of precious travel time, CosmosGO is a digital travel guide and journal in one, allowing them to also take trip notes, organize photos, and share their incredible Cosmos vacation experiences with friends and family on social media.

Download, discover, and go!

Stay in the know, on the go.

From flight schedules and daily itineraries to hotel and transfer details, the CosmosGO app keeps guests abreast of logistics throughout their vacation.

Fuel your free time.

The CosmosGO app is loaded with restaurant, entertainment and sightseeing suggestions to make the most of independent time.

Wander and wonder without Wi-Fi.

Easily navigate local streets with GPS directions – without the need for Wi-Fi or cellular data.

Pen it. Snap it. Post it.

Document the travel journey with notes and photos, and share experiences with friends and family on social media.