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For a unique and fascinating vacation, discover Eastern Europe on a Cosmos escorted tour. Prague, Vienna and Budapest are undoubtedly the jewels of Eastern Europe, but there’s more to Eastern Europe than you think. In Poland visit Krakow and Warsaw, in Romania, visit Bran Castle, inhabited by Vlad the Impaler, learn about life in Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital and Belgrade, Serbia’s capital. Discover the magnificent scenery in Croatia’s Plitvice National Park and explore the mosques and markets in Sarajevo. You’ll be rewarded with memories to last a lifetime.

The Eastern Europe region encompasses many different countries each with their own diverse cultures, ethnicities, languages and histories. Eastern Europe is a traveler's dream with so much to see and do. Some of Eastern Europe's cities have witnessed significant historic events that dates back to the Roman & Byzantine Era, the Cold War, Holocaust etc that has shaped the world today. For value-minded travelers, Cosmos offers the must-see sights and time to discover this unique region on your own—all at an unbeatable price.

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The Baltic States, Russia & Scandinavia(6930)

16 Day Tour from Copenhagen to Stockholm

On this Baltic States, Russia, and Scandinavia tour package, you'll journey from Denmark to Sweden traveling through Germany, Poland, Russia, Finland, and the...Read More


Starting at: $2699

Prague, Vienna & Budapest(6050)

9 Day Tour from Munich to Munich

On this splendid Central Europe tour, you’ll discover the former Habsburg Empire. Your tour starts and ends in Munich. Along the way, you’ll overnight in...Read More


Starting at: $1199

Scenic Switzerland by Train(6010)

9 Day Tour from Zürich to Zürich

This Scenic Switzerland by Train tour is the perfect way to see Switzerland’s breathtaking mountains, charming mountain resorts, fascinating old towns, and...Read More


Starting at: $2399

Portrait of Poland(6080)

9 Day Tour from Warsaw to Warsaw

A rich cultural heritage, fascinating history, and beautiful landscapes make Poland an interesting place to discover. On this Poland tour, you’ll spend two...Read More


Starting at: $1249

Treasures of the Balkans & Transylvania(6710)

13 Day Tour from Budapest to Budapest

Discover the treasures of the Balkans on this vacation through Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Romania. On this Balkans and Transylvania tour, visit the capitals—Budapest,...Read More


Starting at: $1899

Scenic Slovenia & Croatia(6740)

8 Day Tour from Ljubljana to Ljubljana

Spectacular natural scenery, historical sights, and exciting cities await you on this fantastic tour through Mediterranean Eastern Europe, including Croatia,...Read More


Starting at: $1499

Highlights of Germany(6040)

12 Day Tour from Frankfurt to Frankfurt

Spectacular scenery, medieval towns, fairy-tale castles, a fascinating history, and world-class beer…this is Germany!
On this Germany tour, you'll see...Read More


Starting at: $1699

Central Europe(6070)

15 Day Tour from Frankfurt to Frankfurt

Learn about Central Europe’s rich history and see its historical sites as you travel through the heart of Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria and the...Read More


Starting at: $1899

Grand Tour of Switzerland(6020)

10 Day Tour from Zürich to Zürich

With its unspoiled scenery, majestic peaks, fascinating old towns, sparkling lakes, rich history, and cities with a cosmopolitan flair, Switzerland is the perfect...Read More


Starting at: $1999

Alpine Adventure, Bernina & Glacier Express(6060)

13 Day Tour from Munich to Zürich

The breathtaking Alps span the borders of several European countries, and this vacation gives you the opportunity to see the best of the alpine region. This scenic...Read More


Starting at: $2399

Venice, Slovenia, Croatia & Montenegro(6700)

11 Day Tour from Venice to Dubrovnik

Your 11-day guided tour of Venice and Eastern Mediterranean Europe includes visits to beautiful coastal cities throughout four countries—Italy, Slovenia, Croatia,...Read More


Starting at: $1699

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