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What makes a Cosmos traveler?

Mr. Ranad Dilshad
Cosmos made my life so much easier in covering all the major destination in Europe. I didn’t find any language barrier neither was there any communication gap. I just loved my Cosmos vacation.
We had a fabulous Europe trip with Cosmos. In fact it exceeded our expectations. Everything from the transportation, hotels, food, sight-seeing, tour guides were spot on and was taken care by Cosmos. If I would have done this trip on my own I would have never covered so much of sight-seeing. It was a true value for money. I am looking forward to my next vacations with COSMOS.
Qasim Qayum and Family
Qasim Qayum and Family
Naved Memon
This is our third trip with Cosmos and yet we feel the same excitement and enjoyment every time we travel. The entire vacation is well planned & well organised but the best part of the entire trip was the TOUR DIRECTORS and group members who became our long term friends after the trip.
This is our second trip with Cosmos in the last 3 years and we are sure it will not be the last one. The entire tour and the team was very well organized & well managed. We really enjoyed our time on this tour.
Mr. and Mrs Habib Lotia
Mr. and Mrs Habib Lotia
Ms. F Kamal
My aim is to cover at least 100 countries. This was my 61st country with Cosmos. The Cosmos tour was well planned & well organised. Leaving everything from planning to logistics on Cosmos, I was free to enjoy my time experiencing cities, people and culture around the globe.
We had an amazing experience of discovering USA with Cosmos. It was a wonderful experience with great companions from all parts of the world and a very professional tour director. I am definitely going back on Cosmos tour in 2020.
Mr. Atta Ur Rehman
Mr. Atta Ur Rehman
Traveling with Cosmos was a very unusual but exciting experience for me. The tour was well organized & well planned. The best part about our tour was the Tour Directors. They were very knowledgeable & some even went out of their way to entertain the crowd while on a long coach drives. The coach drivers were excellent and the coach was very comfortable & clean. They maneuvered the coaches through very tight spaces. Some of the hotels were above expectation. Overall, we had a great experience.
Starting in lively Amsterdam & ending in picturesque Bergen is the best way to experience Scandinavia. Envisioning a clog being made in front of my eyes was nothing compared to actually seeing it myself. Hidden jewels like the Stave Churches enroute were like cherry on the cake. Stalheim, a historic hotel with its old world charm, is a must stay on any itinerary when visiting Scandinavia – not to mention the best sit-down dinner on the entire tour. Bergen is what dreams are made of with the Flam Train, Sognefjord Cruise & Viking Village. The entire trip came to life only due to the excellent efforts of the Tour Director & Tour Driver.
Khushnuma P
Khushnuma P
Roshni B
Thank you Cosmos for organizing such a wonderful trip to Prague, Vienna & Budapest. From planning the itinerary to hotels, local guides, coach and local drivers everything on my trip was well organized. I love the perfect blend of free time & sightseeing’s that Cosmos gave us. This time, I made excellent friends with my co-companions and learned so much about their culture. A big thank you again for making my holiday magnificent & memorable one. I am already planning my next vacation with Cosmos & will highly recommend to my friends.
Traveling with Cosmos was a unique experience. I had my own doubts when I decided to travel solo that too after my retirement. But it was like a family tour. I met so many people who came from the different parts of the world and have made friends too. Our tour guide George Korkedetao was very helpful and very well informed about the local history of the places visited. Even the local guides were good. Additional excursions were really worth it. We were taken to very unique places hardly heard of. Every minute detail of the tour was meticulously thought of and taken care off. Thoroughly enjoyed it and looking forward to travel again with you.
Albina V
Dr Oscar and Marissa
Trust Cosmos to get our vacation pitch perfect !! The locales are right, the hotels are right, the food & drink is right and importantly the price is right. However, more than the traditional vacation experience that Cosmos always aces, it is the human connection that makes the holiday memorable. Along with our ever ebullient guide Mladen, a global family of Aussies, Canadians , Americans, Chinese & us indians connected with a camaraderie and bonding sans pareil. For creating a "family" of holiday makers, Cosmos, please take a bow!
This was my fourth venture with Cosmos. A great applause for our Tour Director John Shaw. Overall the transportation was great (new phone charging facilities added on the bus). Accommodations all very good, except at Fez. Vegetarian food was limiting. But the outstanding part of this most memorial tour was without a doubt our tour director JOHN SHAW. He was passionate, knowledgeable, extremely competent and honestly cared about all of his clients. It would not have been the same trip without him. Not forgetting to mention the small gesture of the Sangria and introducing us to Tapas. He went beyond and above his duties to keep us entertained. With a special person like him to represent you Cosmos will always be a winner with me.
The Scandinavia tour was well conducted and explored the interior parts of Scandinavia that would be difficult to cover on customized tour. It gives the traveler an authentic feel of the country. We had a lovely Tour guide, Ms. Rosie and Tour Driver, Mr. Martin, who were well aware of the Scandinavian region and escorted us very well throughout the tour.
Thank you Cosmos for organizing such a wonderful tour of Italy, and for making a dream come true. Excellent planning and efficient coordination ensured that we did not have to worry about luggage, hotel bookings or anything else. We were fortunate to be guided around by our knowledgeable tour director Mattia di Carlo and driver Sergio, who gave us valuable recommendations about places to see in our free time. Each of the tour guides (Flavia in Rome and Lucia in Florence) shared key insights into the history of every place we visited, as well useful phrases in the local language, so that we could immerse ourselves completely into the culture throughout the duration of the trip. The local cuisines at all places on our itinerary were quite unique and appetizing; we got to try some dishes and wines for the first time. Travelling in an international group gave us the opportunity to socialize with some new people from different parts of the world. One of the key highlights of this tour package was the free time during the optional tours, which gave us the flexibility to visit additional tourist spots on our own. The holiday was totally worth it and I look forward to my next Cosmos tour.
Edwin C, Orianna, Neil and Viona
Edwin C, Orianna, Neil and Viona
Jennifer P
Thank you Cosmos for the wonderful trip of Britian and Ireland. From the start of the trip to the end, everything was so well planned. A big thank you to our tour director Barbara for making this trip interesting with her vast knowledge of the places we went through. I have always done customised tours so was a bit apprehensive of doing a group tour, as I like to explore the places at leisure - not only sightseeing but also shopping. But Cosmos gave us enough time to explore, shop and eat without being rushed. Even our fellow travellers were very good and by the end of the tour, we became one big family. I am now recommending Cosmos to all my friends and family. Looking forward to my next trip with Cosmos, soon.
Thank you very much for offering us such a great tour. I don’t know from where to start about the tour experience. It was like dream come true for us. From Stratford Avon to York to Edinburgh to Liverpool. Everything was so amazingly beautiful. We especially loved the visit to St. Andrews, the Home of Golf.! We loved the beautiful area with all the shops and purchased golf hats!!! How could we forget the Edinburgh Military Tattoo Show. Specially when Indian dancers were dancing in the tune of " Indiawalle".. Indian Navy was doing the march-past in front of twelve thousand people. It was such a proud moment for us. While in Edinburgh we had purchased famous Scottish scarf and souvenirs!! Glasgow, Inverness, Lake District, Highlands were equally, amazing. Absolutely loved Chester, Bath, Wales...one of the prettiest cities we have ever seen.
All in all, a wonderful trip and perhaps the biggest bonus was our Tour Director, who was brilliant with his knowledge and expertise in everything UK. we thoroughly enjoyed his history lessons and charming personality. I would rate our tour director (Michael) a 5 star - He was an engaging speaker, congenial, always helpful and made the whole trip a delightful experience. His knowledge, of history especially, and his way of telling us about our surroundings made it so interesting and refreshing. Our coach driver Derek was fabulous.
I will absolutely recommend my trip with Cosmos and Globus. We had a fabulous trip and didn't experience any problems at all. We were very pleased with our hotels and fortunately, for us, a lovely, diverse group of folks on the tour. We were very happy with the extra excursions which allowed us to take in so much more at a very reasonable price.
Susmita G
Mr & Mrs Dhilla
Cosmos designs destinations with the best experiences. As usual, had the best of people on tour and the best Tour Director. All the optionals were also well arranged. My feedback is that Cosmos and Globus are the best tours which I would recommend now to all my friends & families and its worth the money you spent, in short, its " Value for Money "
Mr Shabbir & Mrs Rizwana Dhilla
I had traveled with Cosmos to the Canadian Rockies and Alaska Cruise in 2015 and it was a marvelous experience. This time too, Cosmos not only lived up to my expectations but surpassed them. The itinerary was very well planned and we actually had an "in-depth" tour of Britain and Ireland - a real feel of the culture, the history and legends, opportunities to taste the local cuisine and, of course, experience, at leisure, the spectacular landscape of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.There were many tour highlights like Driving along the Wild Atlantic coast of Ireland, listening to our Tour Director, Tara, telling us stories of Glencoe and The Culloden battle in Scotland and so many other stories and legends. She is an awesome storyteller. had fish and chips at the little picturesque town of Ullapool, on the Atlantic coast of west Scotland and delicious Irish Stew at a stopover in Northern Ireland.There's plenty... Climbing the basalt steps at Giant's Causeway, N. Ireland. Almost getting blown away on the sea beach at Tramore, Ireland. Drinking soup straight from a bowl and eating with hands, while listening to traditional Irish songs at the banquet at Bunratty Castle, Ireland. Having cream tea at Stradford on Avon after visiting Shakespeare's birthplace. Going for a Ghost Tour at Edinburgh and much more.
Sumita S
Sudha & Uttara
Just to say thank you for all arrangements for our cruise to Russia. Everything, all small details were taken care of. Two senior citizens like us were very comfortable and safe at all the places we visited. I would really recommend this wonderful holiday, even to seniors and singles. Thank you once again!
The tour was very good. Our tour director was fantastic. The tour director managed the tour very well and in timely manner. The itinerary was well thought of and the hotels were in strategic locations - well connected to the downtown and restaurants. Quality of hotels were also good. Our Driver was super, driving a brand new bus. I will highly recommend Indians to go through Cosmos and enjoy the international group experience.
Mr Sanjay Ghag & Family
Mr Sanjay Ghag & Family
Jyotsana & Aradhana
It would not be possible to say enough about our Tour Director, Mr. Enrique. expertise in terms of knowledge about Spain & Portugal and ability to explain on the sightseeing in both the places. He was also entertaining, fun, engaging and extremely accommodating. Five stars plus. In addition, he had a wide experience and knowledge in other areas, a constant source of conversation, information, and pleasure. Very competent, informed, helpful, knowledgeable - Excellent and well chosen! And we loved our whole tour.The range of sightseeing, weather, topography, landscape, and altitudes on our tour was immensely rewarding. The program was intense but not overly! Always something of interest, but with enough me-time. Very well planned, and the opportunity to see quite a lot of the country. Hussay was an extremely competent driver, about the best I've experienced. Thank you so very much for having arranged the magnificent trip we took!!
Jyotsana & Aradhana
We are extremely happy that we took this trip through Cosmos. It was a wonderful experience. Our stay was wonderful. All the hotels, as they say, were “conveniently located” and had either a bus or a train station at walking distance. Ms. Agnieszka was an excellent tour director and was always happy to help us with all our concerns.She was also very well informed about all the places we visited. Also was well-organized & well versed with our schedules, optional sightseeing’s, meal preferences etc. Both the coach and the driver – Mr. Grogeio were really good. The coach was comfortable & had Wi-Fi. And we had awesome local guides in all the 3 cities we visited. The number of things they knew & shared with us about the history, culture and food etc was immense. All in all an excellent trip. Thank you!
Rucha P
Madhav N
I had a really great experience during my travel with Cosmos to Italy. Italy is famous for Roman history which still can be felt when one sees the Roman Forum and other historical places. Most of all, the guided tour of Cosmos was good value for the money. My experience with the Cosmos tour directors was amazing. They were well-informed, very knowledgeable, friendly, and very service-oriented. We were a group of 46 people and we traveled like a family! Hotels were excellent, food was good, and the optional excursions were real must experiences.
Madhav N
We go almost every year with Cosmos and in this year, we are traveling twice. We are going to Peru in May and in Nov to Brazil, Argentina & Chile. We have already visited Eastern Europe, Spain, Italy, Scotland, Ireland, Hawaii and much more than I can remember. The service is more than excellent. The tour directors are efficient in their work. I fully recommend them to all my friends and family. It is worth the money and l will still continue traveling with them till my health permits. We enjoy going with Cosmos.
Dosu & Farida Khambata
Satyen I
Our trip to Ireland became truly wonderful due to the arrangements of Cosmos! The Tour Director, Mary, was a lovely, knowledgeable lady who took care of each aspect of the trip. The Tour Driver, Greg, was superb with his driving skills. The hotels were great and well-located—giving us easy access to the local market areas and pubs. This was our first ever group tour experience and I must say that it far exceeded our expectations.
Satyen I
Thank you to Cosmos for designing the itinerary in such a way that we experience the countryside of the most beautiful country in the world. A road trip passing through green mountains, picture-perfect villages, beautiful colored houses, snow-covered mountains, frozen lakes, streams, rivers, and the list continues. All this made our trip more memorable.
Rachita V
Ameeta P
The tour was very well-organized for the comfort and consideration of all the passengers. There was never a dull moment—no “ennui” and there was “craic” and a great deal of bonhomie! I give credit to Will Collins, our Tour Director. He laid down the ground rules and followed them even-handedly for everyone on tour. He was experienced, thorough, very informative, and encouraging!
Ameeta P
We have taken a lot of tours with Cosmos. The tours are well planned and executed. Their optional tours are not to be missed. The tour prices are very reasonable. Vegetarian meal requests are taken care of. We are looking forward to planning our next tours of Europe with Cosmos!
Mr & Mrs Ramanathan
Siddharth N
It’s our fourth Europe tour with your group and we love the kind of hotel, tour director and free time you get. Switzerland is the most amazing place to travel by train so the train journey was the most interesting highlight of the tour and the tour director was awesome. She was well aware of the places with lots of detailed information.
The tour organized by Cosmos was very good. The tour guide, coach quality, and even driver were very cooperative. Italy is an amazing place to visit and you get to meet the various people of different nationalities in their groups.
Venkatesha T
Dr Abhijit L
Professionally managed tours. International mix of fellow travelers which helps learning about their ways and philosophies of life. Travel by coach also allows seeing the scenic countryside. Reasonably priced.
Dr Abhijit L
The tour itinerary was very well planned. One can be assured of having the best Tour Director, Local Guide and Driver. They all are so knowledgeable in their areas of work. Overall - a fantastic experience and we back home with fond memories and new friends.
Chandralekha & Amita
Chandralekha & Amita
Pradip & Shipra Mitra
We have seen from experience over the years that Cosmos gives you the best deals for visiting any country with good hotels and excellent tour directors. The optional tours are simply superb and brings out the best that country has to offer.
Pradip & Shipra Mitra
Economical and good tour schedules of places I always wanted to see. Great sight-seeing at each of the stops and some excellent dinner programs like the Fado music in Portugal and the flamenco show in Spain.
Ashwin P
Raman K
It’s our 4th Europe tour with your group & we love all aspects of your tour. The train journeys, the places we visited & the director we interacted with.
I had an excellent experience in 2013 for the Grand tour of Switzerland & The best highlight of this tour was the ferry ride from Lubeck to Copenhagen.
Mr & Mrs Raha
Jayanti R
RJ Anjaan & Amrita
We really appreciate Cosmos. We experienced the fun, the beauty and the history of Italy in without having to worry about a thing. We came home with much more than just a memorable travel experience.
RJ Anjaan & Amrita
I trust Globus and Cosmos and hence am least worried when i travel with them. Trust counts! Super care as always. Everything planned perfect. No unnecessary frills. Precise and only the needed.
Mihir Pratap S
Soumitra M
Value for money tours. The highlights of our tour were 1.Midnight Sun, 2.Geiranger, Reindeer farm and on top of drive through snow.
I chose Cosmos for the Good Value for Money proposition it offers. A good itinerary covering a lot of sights and a good tour director.
Palaniappan A
Devina A
I have recommended cosmos to several of our friends! Many many thanks for such a wonderful Europe trip that has left us with amazing memories.

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