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Expert Tour Directors—The Best in the Business

The person who will have the greatest impact on your Cosmos vacation is your Tour Director and we go to great lengths to find guides of the highest calibre. These friendly, articulate, and savvy world travelers are highly regarded within the travel industry. They often have bright, witty personalities, and love to share anecdotes and chit-chat with “their family.”

With Cosmos, you travel in the company of genuine experts who bring to life your destinations with unforgettable details about colourful historic characters and landmarks. These very knowledgeable, delightful professionals usually come from the regions they will guide you through, so they will show you the sights and sounds and you will experience the sights through the eyes of a seasoned traveler or a local. They can fill you in on a quaint little bistro just two blocks from your hotel or suggest a shop where you’ll find the best deals on Swiss watches. They handle the red tape with border guards and will clarify for you the nuances of Italian cuisine, so that you don’t confuse spumoni with rigatoni!

They deliver commentary in English—and in multilingual Europe, they speak at least one other European language. It’s an expertise without equal, and the result is a truly authentic and memorable travel experience


Being a tour guide to me is creating the most beautiful memories, a s memories are the most precious things we can own. It's an honor for me to show the prettiest places in Europe and explain the secrets and stories behind them. It's great to meet people from all over the world and to see people making lifelong friends. Every day there is a new highlight, a new memory and above all, a lot of fun. Hope to meet you in Europe!

As a Tour Director for more than two decades, I've always had a passion for travel. At 18, I traveled solo throughout Europe. A few years later, I was one of three youth ambassadors on a cultural exchange to Burkina Faso. As a Tour Director, I enjoy showing off America's Heartland. I encourage my guests to talk to the locals and try the regional foods. Guests often tell me that their fondest memories are of their time spent in small towns with "real Americans.


As a small child I was fascinated when hearing my grandparents' travel adventures. I would listen to their stories for hours! Here I am, years later, taking passengers around, sharing stories and showcasing my beautiful country! Combining my love for working with people and traveling is a perfect fit. Seeing the fascination in passengers' eyes as they witness Western Canada's stunning and ever changing scenery is the part I love best. Bringing the world alive through stories is a privilege.

After so many years in this fascinating land, I never get tired of showing people the wonders of Spain, Portugal, and Morocco. Every tour is an adventure...a unique cultural experience I share with my guests. Like a storyteller, I can´t wait to meet my audience and start the show. Introducing travelers to the people, colors, and flavors of the region is exciting-something you just can't get from a guidebook!


Switzerland-where better to take a break than in this naturally stunning and peaceful country? On a tour of this remarkable place, I won't just show you the Switzerland that you will find in the guidebooks (chocolate, fondue, and clocks that go "cuckoo"), I will share with you the genuine "Swiss" experience. There's more to this unique country than meets the eye!

In my country, there is a saying that "Romanians were born poets." It is a great pleasure to present my country as a descendant of Dracula (though today we switched from blood to wine). Even more, I live in a country with a tremendous landscape of diversity, great inventors, history, and culture.


NOTE: The profiles above are given as examples and the Tour Director on your tour may be different from those mentioned above.

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