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Expert Tour Directors—The Best in the Business

The person who will have the greatest impact on your Cosmos vacation is your Tour Director and we go to great lengths to find guides of the highest calibre. These friendly, articulate, and savvy world travelers are highly regarded within the travel industry. They often have bright, witty personalities, and love to share anecdotes and chit-chat with “their family.”

With Cosmos, you travel in the company of genuine experts who bring to life your destinations with unforgettable details about colourful historic characters and landmarks. These very knowledgeable, delightful professionals usually come from the regions they will guide you through, so they will show you the sights and sounds and you will experience the sights through the eyes of a seasoned traveler or a local. They can fill you in on a quaint little bistro just two blocks from your hotel or suggest a shop where you’ll find the best deals on Swiss watches. They handle the red tape with border guards and will clarify for you the nuances of Italian cuisine, so that you don’t confuse spumoni with rigatoni!

They deliver commentary in English—and in multilingual Europe, they speak at least one other European language. It’s an expertise without equal, and the result is a truly authentic and memorable travel experience

Geoff Cordwell
Tour Director (British Isles)

I was born in Essex, near London, but I have lived my life on the road. I have been a tour director now for nearly forty years—in fact, I spent many of my formative years leading tours in India. For me this job is all about the adventure – the adventure of going places, the adventure of meeting great people, the adventure of exploring the world. I love the nooks and crannies, the stories and the people of Britain and Ireland and I love to bring them to life, for guests from all around the world. When I’m not on tour, I can be found walking my dog on the wild Dartmoor Hills, and planning my next adventure.

I’m originally from the Caribbean, raised in New York City, and came to Iberia as a tourist to discover the other half of my heritage and just fell in love with it. The amazing culture, never ending history, breath-taking landscape, delicious food, bright sunshine, and friendly people all make it fascinating. Don’t be surprised if you’re the next one to fall in love too. Nothing makes me happier than to show my guests what has made Iberia & Morocco my new home.

Enrique Aquino Longo
Tour Director (Iberia & Morocco)
Truus Huizinga
Tour Director (Panorama)

All my life I have been interested in tourism. Since achieving a tourism diploma I have been fortunate enough to work in many places around the world. I live in the Netherlands, my home country, and for the last 11 years, I have been escorting multi-country Cosmos tours around Europe. Every tour is an exciting challenge—meeting a new group of travelers who will become lifetime friends. I enjoy sharing my stories and seeing their reactions as every day they savour new cultures and experiences.

As a child growing up in Erie, Pennsylvania, I always had a love of travel and looked forward to our family road trips. I have traveled to Europe, South America, Canada, and Mexico and would love to experience India in the future. I studied in California and earned my Associate’s degree in Public Relations before my passion for travel brought me to Cosmos, where I have been guiding travelers for 18 years. Throughout the years, I have made many friends from around the world and look forward to being your ambassador for my country. When I’m not traveling, I enjoy sharing the stories of my new friends from other lands with family and friends.

John Ploszaj
Tour Director (North America)
Serena Campbell
Tour Director (Canada)

Originally from Vancouver, Canada, I started my career in tourism in Puerta Vallarta Mexico as an “Activities Director” for a very large resort. Before combining my love for working with people, and traveling, I attended University and earned my degree in teaching. Knowing I have made a positive impact on another person’s life, even in a small way, makes me feel good. I never get tired of seeing the wonder and fascination in the guests’ eyes as they witness Western Canada’s stunning and ever changing scenery. Sharing my personal passions for my country, and bringing the world around them alive through stories about the animals, plants, geography, history, and culture of this diverse landscape is a privilege! Creating those lasting memories for my guests is what Tour Directing is all about to me.

NOTE: The profiles above are given as examples and the Tour Director on your tour may be different from those mentioned above.

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