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Visa Information

This section helps you identify the countries that you would be visiting on each tour so that you can check on the Visas required. Cosmos does not arrange Visas or provide any documentation/hotel confirmation for any traveler or tour for Visa purpose, with the exception of Russia. Visa letter for Russia costs extra. Please ensure that you have read through the disclaimer at the end of this page. Visa requirements differ for people with different nationalities, based on the immigration laws of the country you are visiting.

TourTour NameVisas Required
1000 / 1002The Best of Brazil & ArgentinaBrazil, Argentina
1100 / 1105Brazil, Argentina & Chile UnveiledBrazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru
1200 / 1202 / 1205Ultimate South AmericaBrazil, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador
1300 / 1302 / 1305Mysteries of the Inca EmpirePeru, Ecuador
1400Ecuador: From the Andes to the AmazonEcuador
1500Best of BrazilBrazil
1600Costa Rica EscapeUS
1700 / 1710Cruising South AmericaUruguay, Argentina, Chile
2180A China ExperienceChina
2190Spirit of China & Yangtze RiverChina
2490Captivating ChinaChina
2540Journey Through JapanJapan
2570Timeless JapanJapan
2590Classic Japan: The Golden RouteJapan
2680Grand Tour of SrilankaSrilanka
2710Simply VietnamVietnam
2780Thailand ExperienceThailand
3350 / 3358Highlights of AustraliaAustralia, Fiji
3360 / 3365Highlights of New ZealandNew Zealand, Fiji
3500On Safari in KenyaKenya
3505On Safari in Kenya with AmboseliKenya
3507On Safari in Kenya with Dubai & AmboseliKenya, Dubai
3550 / 3553On Safari in Kenya & TanzaniaKenya, Tanzania
3800 / 3805South Africa: From The Cape to KrugerSouth Africa, Swaziland, Zimbabwe
3840 / 3843 / 3849Best of South AfricaSouth Africa, Zimbabwe, Dubai
4100Nothern Italy ExplorerSchengen
4160Italian ExplorerSchengen
4200Veneto to Vienna ExplorerSchengen
4300Danube ExplorerSchengen
4420 / 4421 / 4425Six Countries – Venice & ParisSchengen , UK
4500Spanish City ExplorerSchengen
4510Spanish Heritage ExplorerSchengen
4560Portugal ExplorerSchengen
4720Europe’s Photo AlbumSchengen
4740Secret Treasures of France & SpainSchengen
4750Paris, Normandy and the LoireSchengen
4760 / 476EEuropean CapitalsSchengen
4780 / 478EGrand Tour Of FranceSchengen UK
4810 / 4815Europe’s HighlightsSchengen
4820Best of the NetherlandsSchengen
4830Viking TrailSchengen
4900England ExplorerUK
4910Scotland ExplorerUK
4920Ireland ExplorerIreland
5120 / 5121 / 5125Wonders of EuropeSchengen, UK
5150 / 5151 / 5155Cosmopolitan EuropeSchengen, UK
5160 / 5161 / 5165The Best of EuropeSchengen, UK
5210 / 5211 / 5215The Grand EuropeanSchengen, UK
5290 / 5291 / 5295All About EuropeSchengen, UK
5300Spiritual Highlights of ItalySchengen
5310Fatima, Lourdes & Shrines of SpainSchengen
5315Spiritual Highlights of Iberia, Lourdes & ItalySchengen
5320 / 5325Holy Land DiscoveryIsrael, Jordon
5340 / 5345Biblical IsraelIsrael, Jordon
5350Pilgrimage to LourdesSchengen Schengen
5360Shrines of Northern Italy & RomeSchengen Schengen
5365Shrines of ItalySchengen Schengen
5375Shrines of Alpine EuropeSchengen Schengen
5900 / 5901From St.Paul’s to St.Peter’sSchengen, UK
5910 / 5911From Rome to LondonSchengen, UK
6010Scenic Switzerland by TrainSchengen
6020Grand Tour of SwitzerlandSchengen
6030New! Imperial HeritageSchengen
6040Highlights of GermanySchengen
6050Prague, Vienna & BudapestSchengen
6060Alpine Adventure, Bernina & Glacier ExpressSchengen
6070Central EuropeSchengen
6080Portrait of PolandSchengen
6090Bohemian RhapsodySchengen
6240Gourmet TuscanySchengen
6270Apulia, Heel Of ItalySchengen
6310Rome, Sorrento & CapriSchengen
6315Rome, Sorrento & Capri with SicilySchengen
6320The Magic of Italian LakesSchengen
6330Gems of Italy, France & SpainSchengen
6340Sicily DiscoverySchengen
6350Rome, Florence & VeniceSchengen
6370Italian ShowcaseItaly Schengen
6390Italy’s BestSchengen
6400The Splendors of ItalySchengen
6480 / 6485 / 6486Italy & GreeceSchengen
6660 / 6661Greece & the AegeanSchengen, Landing card on tour for Turkey
6670The Best of GreeceSchengen
6700Venice, Slovenia, Croatia & MontenegroSchengen, Croatia
6710Treasures Of the Balkans & TransylvaniaSchengen, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania
6740Scenic Slovenia & CroatiaSchengen, Croatia, Bosnia
6780Highlights of MoroccoMorocco
6790Lisbon, Seville & MadridSchengen
6800Highlights of AndalusiaSchengen
6820 / 682EThe Best Of Spain & PortugalSchengen, UK
6830Spain, Portugal & MoroccoSchengen, Morocco
6840Mediterranean FlavoursSchengen
6850Grand Tour Of SpainSchengen
6870Sensational SpainSchengen
6900Northern Highlights & the Arctic CircleSchengen
6910Focus on ScandinaviaSchengen
6920Norwegian FjordsSchengen
6930The Baltic States, Russia & ScandinaviaSchengen, Russia
6970A Taste of RussiaRussia
6990Idyllic IcelandSchengen
7006Russian River Cruise – St. Petersburg to MoscowRussia
7007Russian River Cruise – Moscow to St. PetersburgRussia
8000 / 800I / 800ENew York, Niagara Falls & Washington DCUS, Canada
8090Lone Star State to the French QuarterUS
8100 / 8105New England TraditionsUS
8140Hawaiian IslandsUS
8160Circle of the American WestUS
8190New! Essential HawaiiUS
8200 / 8205Eastern U.S. & Canada Grand VacationUS, Canada
8240Dixieland & RhythmsUS
8290The Old South & FloridaUS
8330 / 8334 / 8337Ontario & French CanadaCanada
8360 / 8365Alaska & the YukonUS, Canada
8380Western Canada with Inside PassageCanada
8400 / 8405Florida DiscoveryUS
8420 / 8425Alaskan AdventureUS, Canada
8460Cities of Great EastUS
8500 / 8501Golden West AdventureUS
8510 / 8511Western WondersUS
8520Highlights of the CanyonlandsUS
8530Highlights of Route 66US
8600 / 8605National Parks & Canyon CountryUS
8620Exploring America’s National ParksUS
8630Rocky Mountain DiscoveryUS
8710Geysers to GlaciersUS
8720Historic Trails & Blue Ridge MountainsUS
8730Southern SoundsUS
8800Trans-American AdventureUS, Canada
8820Atlantic Canada’s Coastal WondersCanada
8855New! America’s Greatest TreasureUS
8900 / 8904The Canadian RockiesCanada, US
8910 / 8915Heart of the Canadian RockiesCanada, US
8930 / 8934VIA Rail and the Canadian RockiesCanada, US
8960 / 8965Canadian Train OdysseyCanada
9000 / 9001 / 900EEngland, Scotland & WalesUK, Schengen
9010 / 9011The Best of Britain & IrelandUK, Ireland
9020 / 9021British PanoramaUK
9030Highlights of Ireland & ScotlandIreland, UK
9040 / 904EFrom Dublin to LondonUK, Irish, Schengen
9050Grand Tour of Britain & IrelandUK, Ireland
9060 / 9065New! British HighlightsUK
9070New! Scottish Outlander AdventureUK
9090The British Isles in DepthUK, Ireland
9200Irish ExplorerIreland

DISCLAIMER The responsibility of obtaining all Visas/entry documents, for meeting all health and other requirements, and for any documents required by the laws, regulations, orders, and/or requirements of the countries lies with the traveler. Traveler must consult with appropriate consulates to determine if any Visas are needed and are responsible for obtaining all Visas and entry documents independently. Cosmos is not responsible for providing specific Visa and passport information or documentation and Cosmos cannot accept liability for any passenger refused entry onto any transport or into any country due to the failure of the passenger to carry correct documentation. All passengers traveling internationally are required to have a passport. Most countries require that the passport be valid for at least six (6) months beyond the conclusion of the trip. It is recommended you have a minimum of three blank pages in your passport when traveling, as many countries require blank pages. Multiple-entry Visas are required for some vacations. It is the traveler’s responsibility to verify all Visa and passport requirements. Any cancellations due to Visa denial will be deemed as a normal cancellation and the appropriate penalties will apply.

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